Rhinoplasty surgery

This is surgery to correct any deformity in the structure of the nose.  Rhinoplasty surgery may be for "functional" reasons, where there are problems with the day to day role of the nose such as breathing difficulties.  Rhinoplasty surgery may be for 'aesthetic" reasons, where the concerns of the patient is centred only around the unattractive appearance of the nose.  In some cases, the issues in question could be a combination of the functional and the aesthetic.

We offer rhinoplasty surgery to patients falling into any of the above categories.  These include patients that may have suffered trauma to the nose, previous surgery, etc.  We carefully screen patients to ensure that surgery will be in their best interest and is likely to be successful at addressing their concerns.

Patients will undergo multi-view photography, relevant imaging and have the opportunity to discussion their ideas, concerns and expectations in detail.

Please contact the Practice for further information and/or to schedule an appointment.